Objet d'Art

The items here are part of our exclusive collection of NOA.

It is not possible to obtain many of these items today. These extraordinary pieces, each acquired from or gifted by African nobility, tribal elders, or prominent families were transferred to the Nehme Family with the full understanding that they are to be appreciated for their cultural value and history and their aesthetic beauty.Additionally these treasures were meant to be showcased in a fashion that honored the people of the region while at the same time raising the awareness of these mystical and distant ethnic groups and regions of the world. These pieces are gifts of honor, commemorating generations-long friendships and mutual respect and are intended to remain in the Nehme family from generation to generation.

Each of these cultural icons is a museum-worthy treasure. These represent a people sharing the height of its cultural or artistic achievements with trusted friends. Here you will see a Benin cast bronze head and cast bronze male and female ancestor god sculptures from 19th century Nigeria. The collection also includes a Zulu headrest and spoon collection from the 1800s, a rare 19th century Kerman Lavar carpet, a wood and silver wrapped Ashanti stool from today’s Ghana, a Bamana Chiwara helmut from what is today called Mali, and much more.

Journey to another continent, to the past, and enjoy these special treasures.

Private Collection of our African Art

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