Rug Restoration

Maintaining and preserving rugs is of the utmost importance to us at NOA. Each of the oriental and modern rugs and kilims tells an interesting and unique story. It is our hope that these pieces of history can be passed down from generation to generation. Our team of experienced restoration professionals uses authentic and traditional methods to insure that the integrity, originality, and quality of the pieces are kept. Our area of expertise includes but not limited to all the following.

  1. Overcasting Re-Fringing
  2. Re-Selvage Slip-Knotting
  3. Belgian-Stitching Rug and Tapestry Hanging
  4. Dabble-Knots Full or Partial Restoration
  5. Re-Wefting Leather Edging
  6. Color Enhancement Downsizing
  7. Dye-work Patching
  8. Re-Weaves Moth-Proofing
  9. Restoration of Holes and tear edges
  10. Edge-work Blocking
  11. Restoring original coloring and rug conditioning
  12. Cleaning and knotting antique carpet

Yes, when it comes to Protecting, Preserving and Repairing your important Rug, Kilim and Soumak, you can depend on our professional team.

Being involved in rug production and design at different parts of the world gives our restoration team resources hard to match. We, at NOA rugs and home, provide a full range of services and are committed to giving our clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about how to care for and preserve their rugs and kilims for years to come.

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