Hereke 19th century prayer rug
In scripted with World “Allah” god on the upper right corner

3’6”x4’11” ( 1.1m x1.33m )
NOA special collection ( Item# silk1 )

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The town of Hereke is located on the Sea of Marmora where silk rugs particularly the prayer rug gave it fame. The early weavers were brought from Kerman to instruct the Artisans of the Sultan Abdul Hamid and the patterns were mostly derived from Old Persian design. This started at around 1890 and thus pieces that were produced before the First World War, like this piece, now fetch very high prices.

If finest means best in the carpet trade, than Hereke makes the best rugs in the orient, The medium is all silk and the dyestuff is superb and the designs are imaginative and rich.

  • Type:


  • Material:

    Silk pile on silk foundation

  • Quality:

    Superb, 650 knot per square inch

  • Major Colors:

    soft yellow, red and baby blue

  • Providence:

    Given by Metre David Revasch, international attorney specializing in art collection and authentication, in New York for Mr. George Nehme (our father) in 1991 after their trip from Hamburg Germany.

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