Divine Garden of Paradise ( Kerman Lavar )

19th century and early 20th century
Ravar, Iran ( Persia )
8’10”x12’ ( 2.7m x 3.66m )
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This Kerman Lavar (Ravar) carpet belongs to the group of best Iranian carpets that were produced in the city of Ravar, in the province of Kerman. The elaborate floral pattern, roses, and arabesques identify this piece. Moreover, the dazzling plays of colors that tie the field with the boarder so well.

These features are a testament to the exchange between Persian and French models, which is most evident in execution of the floral design. Symbolically, the design on the carpet recalls a garden in springtime, with its allusions to the divine Garden of Paradise.

The complex design of intertwining and intricately layered vine scrolls has connections to similar designs produced in other media during the Safavid period. Textual evidence of earlier period suggests that a centralized artists' workshop produced a distinctive style of imagery which then was applied to works such as carpets, textiles, paintings, manuscripts, and book- bindings. This carpet draws from these inspirations and has one mirrored and repeating quadrant, suggesting that the artist probably (Mohsen Khan) or Ahmed Khan was behind the design. The best quality of Ravar produced labeled 100x50 which translate to 324 knot per square inch. This piece exceeded that to approximately 361 knot per square inch.

“The characteristic of this early Kerman was airiness and delicacy of colors. This was achieved by the use of two tone effects in the same flower rose and light rose, green and light green, blue and light blue generally without an outline. The art which produced these carpets is almost lost.” ( The Persian Carpet” by A. Cecil Edwards; page 207 )

  • Medium:

    Cotton (warp & weft), Kerman Wool (pile), Asymmetrically knotted pile, short.

  • Dyestuffs:

    Indigo (synthetic), cochineal, madder, walnut husks, weld, pomegranate rind, vine leave, straw and henna.
    Alum is the only mordant used.

  • Knot density:

    Approx. 360 knots per square inch. For every row of knots there are three wefts. Persian (suni) knot is used.

  • Quality:

    This type of carpet was produced as the most aristocratic carpet for the wealthiest client in the world. Kermans claim an undisputed monopoly in carpets that are elegant in design. With light and color effect, the “Divine Garden of Paradise” is a sumptuous piece containing more than 40 colors.

  • Providence:

    Acquired from an antique rug collector in 2006.

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